Name: Bae Suji
Nickname(s): Suzy
Age: 21
Birthday: 10 October
Year: Sophomore
House: Delta Phi Epsilon
Major: Psychology
Clubs: Drama
Affiliations: Editor, Campus Newspaper
Languages: Korean, conversational English


They say that children born in the Autumn are a little bit magical, because there just has to be magic in the air when the leaves turn golden-brown and the summer heat gives way to the crisp chill of the harvest season. For her parents, Suzy's birth certainly was that little bit magical - they opened a small cafe (happily named "Bae's Corner" ) in her native Gwangju when she was a month old, after a string of less-than-successful business ventures. The burst of fairy dust that made things better, is what her father used to say, as he ruffled her hair affectionately.

It was at age four that Suzy decided she wanted to be an actress when she grew up. A pirate princess fairy would be her ideal role, and she wouldn't need a prince to come rescue her or ride off into the sunset - she would manage all of that by herself. Her parents entertained this mote of an ambition, letting her stage plays with her siblings in the living room of their apartment above the family's cafe - that is, until playtime came to an end and all three Bae children had to go clean out the coffee grounds from the shiny Segafredo downstairs. Of course you can be anything you want to be, her father said, as he helped cut out Suzy's pirate princess fairy crown from some card. And always remember to give it your best.

At age eight, she started keeping a diary, writing about anything that crossed her mind. This interest in putting pen to paper was only encouraged when she met her one and only penpal via a school bulletin board. Suzy sent flurries of letters and postcards to the lonely boy in the big city, following his story as eagerly as he followed hers (he said). This correspondence would carry on over the years, lulling and picking up at various intervals, and Suzy would sometimes receive letters with different postmarks, sometimes a few at a time - Seoul, then Jeju, and years later, Seoul again.

Suzy was twelve when she brought home a report card that listed excellence in reading, writing and literature, but rather more mediocre grades in science and mathematics. Her hands trembled as she handed it over to her parents, sitting beside them and explaining the significance of each grade and the teacher's remarks beside them while inwardly hoping against hope that she wouldn't get punished for it. Her mother, always the more tactile parent, gave her a hug and said she was proud of her Suzy irregardless, while her father only looked up at her, his glasses reflecting the light of the reading lamp. Just as well, he said, with a nod of his head. Maybe it is time for you to figure out where your strengths lie.

Her strengths lay in observing, thinking, reading and above all, understanding why people did the things they did, and what they hoped to achieve by doing them. Psychology chose Suzy as much as she chose it, and when the time came for her to chose her life's calling, she didn't have to think twice, penning Yonsei and Psychology onto her college application form. In a similar vein, DPE chose her, rather than the other way round, and Suzy's bond with her sisters would run deep, if only because they offered friendship, unyielding support, and above all, a place where she could indeed be her best.


Suzy is a pleasant girl with a positive outlook on life (mostly). Depending on her mood, she sometimes oscillates between being outgoing and quiet, though more often than not, sitting home with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate tends to win out over a night on the town. Still, she contributes her fair share of noisiness to the DPE house, perhaps after a glass too many with her sisters. Fiercely loyal, she will do almost anything for her friends and loved ones, and while her room is a mess, mentally she is organized to a fault, often pencilling items into her planner and cross-checking them to see if anything has been double-booked (they never are, because she never is).

If you ever see her walking around campus looking like she is lost in her own world, she (i) probably is; (ii) is ruminating on a story for the school paper; or (iii) is memorizing lines for a script, but nevertheless, do say hi! She is also definitely a dog person, and while she would love to own one, unfortunately there isn't enough bed or floor space for her to effectively rear one. As a result she vicariously dotes on other people's pets instead, so there.


Suzy loves nothing more than reading and writing, so it is probably small wonder that most of her time outside lessons is spent researching and crafting articles for the college newspaper. She is also an active member of the Drama Club, and participates in the Club's stage shows to better hone her thespianism. Needless to say, in instances where she is involved in a production, Suzy actively refrains from writing the corresponding review in the college newspaper, to avoid a conflict of interests!

A true Gwangju girl at heart, Suzy also appreciates the great outdoors, and enjoys keeping active by walking and hiking whenever she can, especially during the cooler months of the year. She would be part of a sports club, but alas, does not have the time. Travel and playfully psycho-analyzing her nearest and dearest also rank high on her list of hobbies (yes, she is the one behind the psyche-memes in the Quiz section of the college newspaper - now you know).


Has an elder sister and younger brother.
Pink is her favorite color.
Can always be found with her nose in a book of some kind.
Always - always - sleeps through her alarms
Sleep-texts (allegedly).
The messiest room in the DPE house? That's Suzy's.
Still keeps a diary.
Works part-time at a bookstore in town.

Kim Myungsoo

Kwon Yuri









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